NFL Point/Counterpoint: Patriots vs Jets – Free NFL Betting Picks

Soccer may be a group game, but do not be fooled about all of the”next person up” malarkey. That sort of coach-speak includes a location and is sometimes accurate, but if you don’t have a quarterback that can make precise throws into a tight window or even overlooks wide open receivers by 10 yards – Proceed paths – 30 or more yards down the area, you better have the ability to rush the ball for 200 yards a game on 40 attempts, because you are going to lose frequently.
The New York Jets discovered that out last week as Mr. Mono, Sam Darnold, returned and was 23 for 32 for 328 yards passing in Gang Green unlikely 24-22 upset of Dallas. That was the victory that is Jets and altered the perception of what looked like another Monday Night Football dud pruning to if not taking a second peek.
Doug Upstone: Swinging Johnson, have to admit, I thought I also had them and had. Patrick Mahomes reinjured his arm, his precision passes disappeared just like a David Copperfield illusion as well as the Chiefs defense was asked to hold the fort down, and that they are again demonstrating they are incapable of doing.
That leaves a small lead for NFL picks to me. Go ahead, rub some sarcasm and grime in my open wound and explain why you are incorporating a Sam Darnold jersey to the”Swinger Fall Collection” of quarterback wear.
Swinging Johnson: Ah. So great to see you after our week aside.
Allow me to start by stating, when anybody starts a sentence ,”Allow me to be totally honest”, odds are they’re lying. Or should they begin with,”I don’t mean to gloat”, that’s precisely what they intend to perform. With that, let me be fair and tell you I had been worried covering but that I don’t want to gloat after the Texans not only covered in Arrowhead Stadium that is wary as road pups but won the match!
Alright, now that I’ve taken my bows and my curtain call is all over, since I’m, it’s time to even up this series between us, as you helpfully pointed outI’m down 4-3 in this week end throwdown. I am likely to arrive at .500 by virtue of carrying a puppy and bet against my beloved Patriots in my NFL picks. Remember kids, it is one thing to become a lover but don’t bet like you.
Alright, so we observed a marked gap in the Jets’ offense after Darnold returned following a bout. He pitched to get some 338 yards and also touchdowns.
Le’Veon Bell obtained his first rushing touchdown of the season but has not cracked 100 yards in a game, that is no real surprise because his situation to me, vaguely resembles the Chris Johnson holdout from years back. Johnson finally got his dough but was although after hanging out training camp waiting to get paid.
All that said, the great tailbacks desire an adequate offensive line so we will cut at Bell a little slack, and New York has not been blowing off rushers.
This game is currently in New York along with the Jets have to get pumped last week, after sensational the Cowboys. Jets’ fans believe anything is possible, a win over the Patriots. Jets’ fans are a bit pathetic, are not they?
However, that the oddsmakers were bracing for an influx of Pats’ money but curiously this line has dropped from a opener of New England -10 to as low as -9 (Doug, if you are the gentleman that you say you are, we will agree on 9 1/2 for the functions of this argument ).
Mr. Upstone doesn’t that little – however in my estimation – significant, line fall stand your hairs ? You know the squares love to bet public groups, particularly favorites. Doesn’t that give you a head’s up that sharp money on the Jets is moving this amount? Your ideas form sir.
DU: If the team wasn’t from New York or New Jersey, I would be inclined to say it is sharp money Swinger, however it is the Jets and those from the cement jungle are extremely fast to become infatuated with just a sign of achievement they had been hoping for and ready to sell off onto something that doesn’t meet their criteria. (Just how many Bell jersey’s did you notice in the racks on Sunday? I Believe I saw additional Namath jerseys)
I’d guess at this stage (we’re doing this Wednesday morning) it’s probably near 50-50 on dollars bet on the Flyboys, part Jets evolving romance and a part sharper betting action on a house dog of over a touchdown.
However, I’m not your traditional capper SJ, I’m after winners, not one-sided thinking.
The Super Bowl champs remain the very best team in football and the defense is better compared to last year, while the offense of New England is not in gear still.
In racing, Together with all the 30th, the greatest head coach of the NFL can concentrate on containing Darnold using blitzes and coverage that is concealed to confuse and frustrate him. One dimensional offenses would be a Bill Belichick specialization I’d like my chances and if New York is currently in 3rd and long more than a time.
In the event the Brady Bunch is on the end of subjects greater than a year ago, that the Patriots will score and once Darnold has to play from behind, the game alters.
The Jets will have a rather quick twist on the sin factor, still, New England is 18-5 ATS after allowing 17 points or less in five consecutive matches and on a perfect 6-0 ATS run in road contests following scoring 35 points or more, using a margin of success 14.3 PPG around the latter.
SJ: Well, you might be onto something regarding the Jets’ zealots driving the number down but it certainly feels as though the sharps are still invisibly.
But the New England offensive line needs repair and it’s simply because Brady releases that New England stays an offensive attack.
And defense, oh man, who Patriots’ defense. I am good? Maybe? Well, we are going to have to watch but you understand this D is really real when their free agent Michael Bennett is starving for snaps.
Okay, so the thing is that the Patriots get that is known by the oddsmakers and people amped. Otherwise, the Pats are just 17-21 ATS as road favorites because 2013 while the Jets are 7-1-1 ATS in their last nine home games by means of a team with a winning road record and 7-1-1 ATS in their last nine Week 7 games.
I believe this a good week despite failing to have the cover in their own 30-14 win in Foxboro before this season, to catch the Pats napping a little, seeing as they have had very little trouble against New York lately.
I’m not calling a Jets’ success but I enjoy getting north of a touchdown mind start. And by the way, this could be decided by a missed extra point or field goal from Mike Nugent, a kicker that the Patriots grabbed off the waiver wire after Gostkowski went for the season.
Nugent is automatic and this game will be closer than anticipated.
Having said that, Igive you the final thing, Doug and’ll grab the live home hound.
DU: Due Mr. Johnson, I’ll take it. Together with your Pats 11-2 ATS playing against a team with a losing record the previous three seasons, decreasing by 17.7 PPG, I am in. Last score, New England 27, New York 13. Adios amigo.

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